Solid Perfume Set of 4


Solid Perfume Set of 4 Clear Plastic Slides or Metal Tins in a box set.


Important: Please make your selection of container/size. If you wish to mix scents, just select the container size you want of any scent, but you must indicate the scents you want in the comment section. 



Our Solid Perfumes come in Clear Plastic Slides 2g or or Metal Tins 3.5g, and are made with all Natural ingredients including organic Beeswax, Oils, Butters, and 100% Pure Cosmetic-grade Essential & Fragrance Oils. 


  • Because of the purity of ingredients used, your Solid Perfume is good for 6 months - 1 year. Only fresh batches are sold at any point in time.
  • Any marks on our solid perfume base is due to the natural cooling process during manufacture - all our equipment are sterilised and our perfume is never touched with hands after it is made.


  • Your Elysian Solid Perfume comes in a sweet little box, and available in 8 scents:

    a) Amber Milk: imagine chocolate & flowers together

    b) Black Amethyst: a deep dark scent, wear it up or down, you will love it a 

    c) Cherry Blossom: very pretty delicate scent

    d) Citrus Burst: a definite mood elevator   

    e) Floral Shower: pretty floral scent reminiscent of the air after the rain

    f) ) Lavender Honey: lovely soothing lavender, deepened with honey

    g) Patchouli au miel: rich and chic and slightly sweet, a favourite with customers

    h) Rose Noir: beautiful subtle scent of roses with a sophisticated depth

Please Select Container Size
Select 4 Solid Perfume Scent

    tHE Artisan @ Elysian Candles scented products are made from many natural ingredients of the finest quality, with attention to detail, handcrafted in small batches.


    100% pure blends of Essential & Fragrance Oils which are certified Vegan, non-GMO and FREE from Soy, Gluten, Alcohol, Paraben, Formaldehyde & Cruelty.

    Eco, Vegan, People & Cost friendly, customers love our products and packaging for their recyclability,  re-usability and in particular multi-functionality, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. 

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