Exclusive: Karen Faulkner Pink Gerbera 4" Tealight Ice Cube


This is an Exclusive featuring the Watercolour Art "Pink Gerbera" of well-known American watercolour artist Karen Faulkner.


Our Elysian Tealight Ice Cubes are really pretty as a decor piece as well as for ambient lighting. Handled with care, your Elysian Ice Cube will last for a very long time.


PURPOSE: Ambient lighting. Unscented or scented tealights can be used. 


HOW TO USE: Any regular tealight can be placed in the glass tealight holder provided with your Elysian Ice Cube. Tealight is not included.


SIZE: L4" x B4" x H4"


ICE CUBE FEATURED HERE: This is a one-piece design featuring shades of yellow, pink and white, with a Turquoise Flower Charm.


DESIGN: Ready available Ice Cubes come in pastel shades of Pink, Blue/Yellow, White. Please note that it is part of the deliberate design of our Elysian Ice Cubes to have varying shades of the same colour on each Ice Cube (except for the White). These are Artisanal pieces and will never have the consistent uniform look of mass produced items.


CUSTOM: Elysian Ice Cubes can be customised by Colour and Design of Charms or Images or Text. Please enquire.


    The Artisan @ Elysian Candles scented products are made from many natural ingredients of the finest quality, with attention to detail, handcrafted in small batches.


    100% pure blends of Essential & Fragrance Oils which are certified Vegan, non-GMO and FREE from Soy, Gluten, Alcohol, Paraben, Formaldehyde & Cruelty.

    Eco, Vegan, People & Cost friendly, customers love our products and packaging for their recyclability,  re-usability and in particular multi-functionality, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. 

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